How to Give a Great Wedding Toast

How to give a great wedding toast. It’s a question that’s asked all the time, but luckily it’s not as hard as it seems if you follow a few simple rules.

If you’re reading this, you most likely are involved in a wedding either as the wedding couple or this has been shared with you by someone who wants you to be amazing when you deliver your wedding toast.

So your role in the wedding includes giving a toast at the reception. And that means that you will inevitably spend hours thinking about, writing and perfecting this toast.

To help you out, here are eight tips on how to give a great wedding toast. And by that we mean one that is both memorable and heartfelt:

  1. Do not wing it. People that make giving wedding toasts look easy are people that spent a great deal of time preparing and rehearsing their toasts. It’s as simple as that. People are counting on you to deliver a quality toast and preparation is the number one factor for success.
  2. Limit your alcohol intake before the toast. Preparation is great until you get tanked and torpedo the whole toast because you couldn’t avoid the temptation of the open bar. Give your awesome toast and then reward yourself with some bubbly and whatever else afterwards.
  3. Keep your toast under 5 minutes. Make sure that when you are writing your toast you keep the duration in mind. Important: make sure to time yourself when you rehearse your wedding toast. What you think may be 5 minutes on paper can often be much longer in reality.
  4. Choose the right stories should you wish to share any. If you’re telling inside jokes and stories that will only be appreciated by a select few during your toast, you’re ignoring the majority of the people in the room. Save that content for the rehearsal dinner and share stories that will be appreciated by everyone in your toast.
  5. Don’t embarrass the wedding couple. As tempting as it may sound, revealing embarrassing and awkward stories about the bride or groom is a dangerous road to go down. If you feel that you must share a story like that, make sure to get the ok from the bride and/or groom beforehand. Definitely avoid any talk about exes and do not get raunchy.
  6. Don’t try to be the funniest person ever. If you’re a naturally funny person, your toast will have the right amount of humor in it. If you find yourself forcing jokes in or trying too hard to be clever and hilarious, it’s time to rethink the content and flow of your toast. Be yourself. That’s what the couple wants to hear in your speech. You being you.
  7. While you are most likely a closer friend to the bride or groom, your toast needs to include both of them. Yes, you will probably have some anecdotes to tell about your dear friend, but overall the theme of the toast should be about the two of them, together, so don’t leave the other person out for too long.
  8. This shouldn’t have to be mentioned, but please do not drop the mic. It’s cliché, overdone and could be a costly expense for the newlyweds should you damage the mic. Give a great toast, raise your glass to the couple and hand the mic back to the emcee. That’s how a classy and memorable toast is concluded.

Make sure that your wedding toast is original, and that applies to the very first words you say to start things off. Make sure to watch this video and then go back to honing your toast. All will be made clear upon watching.


And here’s a toast that will make you laugh. Enjoy.