How To Play The Wedding Shoe Game And The Questions To Ask At Your Reception

How to play the wedding shoe game and the questions to ask at your reception:

Here are 25 of the best questions to ask if you’re going to play the shoe game at your Chicago wedding. Your Chicago wedding DJ can act as the emcee. This is a great way to break up the night perhaps while people are eating desert.

Be sure to keep the questions fun and entertaining and remember you only need to do about 10-15 questions to have fun. You want to keep your party moving!

1. Who said I love you first?

2. When you go out to eat, who picks the restaurant?

3. Who made the first move?

4. Who is the better driver?

5. Who is more likely to be running late?

6. Who takes longer to get ready?

7. Who spends more money?

8. Which one of you is smarter?

9. Who is the better kisser?

10.Who pick the radio station you listen to in the car?

11. Which one of you snores the loudest?

12.Who spends more time online?

13. Who has the best taste in clothing?

14. Which one of you is in charge of the remote control?

15. Who is better at keeping a secret?

16. Who said “I Love You” first?

17. Which one of you is more romantic?

18. Which one of you will pay the bills?

19. Who has the craziest family?

20. Who is messier?

21. Driving the car who has more tickets?

22. Who talks more?

23. Who will decide where you vacation?

24. Who determines how much money you can spend?

25. Who loves the other more? (Ask this last)