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Best Wedding Playlist DJ Chicago

Brides have a lot of wedding planning responsibilities and the time passes by very quickly. It’s easy to hire a DJ who has their favorite playlist in mind, but some wedding couples prefer to make their selection for their guests, their own best wedding playlist.

With a million songs to choose from…

How do you create the perfect mix of songs for every different age group and musical taste?

Here’s where to start when creating the best wedding playlist:

1. Step One: Choose the right song for your first dance.

Here are a few popular ones…

All Of Me
You Are The Best Thing
Wonderful Tonight

2. Step Two: Pick a song for your bridal party.

This is a chance to get ALL of your bridal party members and family members on the dance floor early. It’s a great time for your photographer to capture some great dance shots before everyone takes their jacket off and gets into it.

3. Step Three: Pick music for 3 different times of the wedding reception…

1. Cocktail Hour Wedding Playlist

During cocktails you can have upbeat songs for all ages and it’s a great time to hear some of your favorite artists that just aren’t that danceable.

2. Dinner Hour Wedding Playlist

For Dinner, you might want to pick easier listening music. Vocal artists are great but BE CAREFUL with a lot of the older Frank Sinatra style songs as the volume tends to go up and down from very loud to very soft. R&B is a good choice combined with some of your radio favorites that have a little less tempo.

Remember, during dinner you are going to go from lots of conversation before the food is served to very little conversation when the entrée is served.

Cocktail and dinner music play such an important role in the success of a wedding reception.

It’s a chance for the DJ to build trust with your guests and establish the vibe that will encourage your guests to stay and party.

If you see a DJ playing a pre prepared playlist or sitting down to eat at a wedding, your event is in trouble!

A good DJ is going to pick each song based on the mood of the room.

3. Dancing & Celebration Wedding Playlist

When it comes to dancing, make sure the music is just that, danceable! Nobody is going to dance to the Beach Boys!:) If you’re playing newer music, choose artists like Justin Timberlake, Katy Perry, Calvin Harris and Bruno Mars. If you are looking for great songs from the 90’s go for House Of Pain, Sir-Mix-A Lot or Montell Jordan. While some of these may sound like they’re a little to pop oriented remember the reason why they were hits… cause everybody liked them!

Pop music means POPULAR!

Now go in and pick some different genres and make sure early on that no one is left out. Think about playing some of the older music a little earlier in the night so that your parents’ friends can join in the fun and save some of the latest party records for the last hour after your guests have loosened up a little.

Even if you have the best wedding playlist, that's only part of the equation. A great DJ will know how to work with your playlist and keep your guests dancing the night away.

Your DJ should ALWAYS BE AWARE of the volume changes so he/she can make adjustments.

To help you create the best wedding playlist, here’s a sample of some popular Wedding Songs a great DJ will play

New Rules
Pray For Me
The Middle
No Excuses

Popular Dinner songs to play at a Chicago Wedding

Let’s Stay Together
If You Really Love Me
The Way You Look Tonight
Love’s Theme
Better Together
My Cherie Amour

Great Slow Songs for a Chicago Wedding

The Way You Look Tonight
Wonderful Tonight
Open Arms
I Only Have Eyes For You

Cocktail music a good DJ will play at your Chicago Wedding

Brown Eyed Girl
My Lovin’ (You’re Never Gonna Get It)
Can’t Get Enough Of Your Love
In The Air Tonight
Shining Star

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