The Benefits Of Having An All-In-One Venue For Your Wedding

The verdict is in. All-in-one venues are preferred by an overwhelming majority of today’s wedding couples. Why? Simple: It’s so much easier!

Not only is having your ceremony and reception at the same venue the perfect way to maximize your venue budget, but it also cuts down on lag time between the two parts of the event.

And here are a few more compelling reasons to think about an all-in-one venue for your wedding:

  1. It exponentially simplifies the planning process. When you book one location with one venue manager for your entire event, it streamlines so many aspects of your wedding vs trying to coordinate things at two separate locations.
  2. An easier and shorter commute. Save your guests the added work of having to drive from one venue to another (or having you foot the bill to transport them). It’s also one less map to create and logistical issue to navigate. And saving your guests the hassle of finding parking at multiple venues is always a good thing.
  3. Maximize your décor. Repurposing décor becomes a breeze when your ceremony and reception areas are in the same venue. Not only can you bring over the flowers and any other décor of your choosing, but you can even use your ceremony arch as the backdrop of your sweetheart table. 
  4. Equal attendance for the ceremony and reception. Guests who won’t be able to attend a ceremony and reception at two different venues won’t have to choose which one to go. 
  5. Seamless cocktail hour. The ceremony ends and then… “Where do we go?” and “When does the cocktail hour start?” You can forget about all of that weirdness and more knowing that your guests are enjoying drinks and apps while you and the wedding party are getting photos taken.
  6. More photography and video options. While churches may have certain restrictions on how and where photos and videos can be taken, that is pretty much never the case at other venues.
  7. Your DJ can provide music starting 30 minutes before guests arrive. They can also provide high quality mics for the ceremony officiant and readers, and provide sound for live ensembles.
  8. Seamless music transition with separate systems in each area of the venue. The music will seamlessly segue from the ceremony area to the cocktail hour area and then to the main setup in the reception area.

If you hire a professional wedding DJ, they should be able to accommodate any ceremony location, even if you decide to hold the it down by the water outside the venue. Your DJ will have either generator power, battery power or both as needed and it will truly enhance an outdoor or remote location ceremony.

And one more thing to make your life much easier during the planning process: Hire a Chicago Wedding DJ with a trusted track record and relax knowing that you’re in good hands. It’s one less thing to worry about and ultimately ensures that your wedding will be a success that leaves your family and friends raving long after the fact.

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