Tips For Simplifying Prom Planning So You Can Focus On Having Fun

Trends come and go, but prom really is forever. I’d even go so far as to say that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who go to prom and those who don’t. How did prom become such a big deal anyway? And how have things changed? Here’s a quick snapshot I came across of prom trends then and now.


Man, that brings me back. From passing notes under desks to viral-worthy proposals, looking forward and back brings up a lot of memories for those of us who are beyond our prom days, and maybe a little stress for those of us still searching for a date or an awe-worthy outfit. But don’t worry! Whether you’re part of your school’s prom planning committee, vying for the crown, or just excited for a special night out with friends, here are some ways to make all the pre-prom deets a breeze.

Prom Planning Tips

Hire a DJ

Okay, so we may be biased here, but if you’re in charge of planning your school’s prom, do not skimp on the music. It will make or break the entire event. And what do students want? To hear and jam out to their favorite songs. Read: not your favorite songs, so don’t try to go to the super DIY route and make a playlist that’s just a carbon-copy of your Spotify “Most Listened” to tracks. Bands can be great, but in our experience, often leave students disappointed and holding their breath for the after-party. If the rest of your committee really wants a band, consider hiring them for just the dinner portion of the evening. Leave the dance inspo to the DJs.

Chicago Prom DJ

If you’re based in Chicago, Hot Mix Entertainment will make your prom one for the record books. If you’re not, make sure you ask your DJ options for client lists and references and what they specialize in. If their answer is ‘80s tunes, they may not be your best choice for a 2018 prom. Unless the 80s are your theme, of course.

Crowdsource Your Theme

Speaking of themes, don’t leave it up to one person or even your dedicated prom planning group. Get your entire grade involved! It’s easier than ever to send out a quick poll or survey, using a tool like Survey Monkey for example. Don’t be afraid to do a few rounds, either, to whittle down the options and come to a theme that the majority will buy into. They can’t not, they chose it!

Rent Your Outfit Online

Besides finding a date, choosing the right dress or tux can feel like a make-or-break decision. What if you show up wearing the same dress as someone else? What if your tux is too weird? Well, to be quite honest, those are the wrong questions to be worrying about. All you need to do is choose something you genuinely love and feel good in. Who cares about the rest?

Going back to the trends we talked about earlier, renting attire online is the way to go these days, and it’s easier than ever. According to InStyle, Garment Exchange is the “Airbnb of clothing,” and their dress rentals won’t disappoint. For guys, The Black Tux has prom suit and tux rentals that come in fun patterns or classic styles, and have received rave reviews for helping people become the life of the party.

Lose Your Expectations

The number one cause of prom disappointment is having unrealistic expectations. Whether you have your own or trying to live up to the expectations of others, it’s best to just forget about them. You don’t need to spend what others are spending or do what they’re doing. You don’t even need a date! Go with friends, or tag along with another couple. We all know that “third-wheeling” really just means “hanging out with friends”; so why not?

Spend less time worrying about who you’ll impress, and more time appreciating the moment. Like trends, prom culture has changed over the years, but all that matters is that you stay true to yourself, have fun, and stay safe.