How Much Should A Wedding DJ Cost?

If you’re planning your big day you may be asking yourself, “How much is a wedding DJ”?

Here’s the thing. Weddings can really add up, there’s no secret there. Finding the right vendors that fit your budget is important, but it’s also important to know what vendors are worth investing in. Many couples spend the most on big ticket items, such as the dress, the venue, photography, catering, flowers, and the honeymoon. Many think of hiring a DJ as a last minute, quick task. However, it’s important to consider your entertainment (aka, your DJ!) as a big ticket item as well.

Your DJ and entertainment are what is going to bring life to your wedding. From walking down the aisle, to background music for your guests, to your first dance, dinner music, and of course, party music – your DJ is a huge part of your wedding. You want to make the best decision when choosing the right DJ, so consider what a good DJ will actually cost you in the grand scheme of your entire wedding and move forward accordingly.

When it comes hiring a DJ, don’t scrimp!

If you’re thinking of “cutting costs” when you’re looking for the right DJ to book, you should really think twice. A bad DJ can really kill the mood of your wedding, and many couples have unfortunate stories where a DJ played the wrong music for the first dance, got drunk at the reception, played a terrible playlist, or flat out didn’t show. Remember the age old rule: you get what you pay for. The same goes for wedding DJs.

Good DJs are paid well for a reason. They are professional, have a good reputation, are in demand, have good equipment, and care about their service. This professionalism is something that is worth every penny. Your guests will notice the music, ask any newlywed. So, get some quotes and estimates and compare DJ costs, reviews, and packages to find the right one.

Understand the cost of a DJ

Think of your DJ as not just an individual, but as an entire service. When you’re looking to find out the cost of a wedding DJ, be sure to find someone that comes with a total package. Depending on what you need, you want to find someone with lighting, the right amount of sound, a wireless microphone, maybe a projector, dance floor, etc.

Once you’ve found someone who has everything you need, look at the cost vs. what they offer. Things to consider are how many hours they’ll be playing, distance needed to travel to your venue, pre-planning sessions that are included if you’d like your DJ to MC, playlist planning, set-up and tear down of the equipment, and maybe even a pre-visit to the venue to do a sound check.

As you may have noticed, wedding DJs put in a lot of work! When you’re looking at the total cost, realize that a wedding DJ doesn’t simply show up and press “play”. A good DJ is committed to ensuring that your wedding entertainment is absolutely perfect, and that you’re night goes off without a hitch.

Not all wedding DJs are equal and for a one-time event where your memories should last a lifetime. As one of Chicago’s most sought after DJs, Hot Mix Entertainment and Scott “Smokin'” Silz, find the right event package for your event.